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Ōkeanós is an art project by Lorenzo Malfatti, to which I had the chance to collaborate as curator, scientific consultant, and photographer.

Here I show some very personal visions of mine from Lorenzo Malfatti's artworks, partly from the backstage of their creation, partly from finished pieces.

Ōkeanós is a god, the great river that surrounds Earth, embracing and containing her. (..) 

Every single drop – from the humblest puddle to the ocean – is teeming with life: for four billion years, bacteria, protozoa and microscopic algae have been ceaselessly transforming the substances dissolved in water into nourishment and new life. (..) Ōkeanós draws us into the essence of life, the joining of all that lives in mutual dependency and collaboration – from the micro- cosm of a drop of water to the entire terrestrial ecosystem, to the universe itself. Ōkeanós is a journey back to the origins of the universe, of life, of our every breath.

(Paola Iacopetti, catalog of Ōkeanós, personal exhibition by Lorenzo Malfatti, Barbara Paci Art Gallery, 2020).

Fine art prints available in different formats and limited editions

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