In most ancient cosmogonic myths from any continent, the very first act of creation is a sound, be it a thunder, the voice of a god, or of a music instrument. That sounds wins over void and night, and gets slowly clothed by light. Primeval nature of every being is thus made of sound and light: it is then muffled, and weighed down, but not eliminated, by matter covering it. Thus, a little part of this original substance keeps on revealing itself through the voice, the sound produced, or the noun (freely adapted and translated from M. Schneider, "La musica primitiva", cap. I, Adelphi, Milano, 1992).

An amazing intuition, in light of contemporary research revealing that every molecule, and living cell, by constantly vibrating, emit light and sound waves, and modulate their behavior in response to light and sound signals reaching them, just as in an orchestra, or a dance.

I like thinking that Eos, the goddess of dawn for ancient Greeks, generates flower petals with her breeze, clothes them with her delicate nuances, and of weightless matter, through which their luminous and sound essence easily shines through.

In this project, I tried to catch this essence through the camera lens, and entitled every photograph with the sound I can hear when looking at it.

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