One day I stopped. I kept silent. I listened to my pain. And changed direction.

"Flowers are born from manure", reads Fabrizio De André's song: indeed, flowers have been my first subjects, or, to say it better, mirrors. Through the lens, I get into nature's or artist's work, and in myself, at the same time. Any border dissolves; thought, with all its categories, falls silent.

Nuances of feeling, synesthesia of desire, dream and ancestral memories gently emerge, and become images that camera sensor collects, and I then observe with wonder. Fragments of an inner universe that I don't get tired of exploring, with humbleness and curiosity. Different corners of my soul's garden.

Education in our globalized-consumistic world  is strongly engaged in making soul's garden unaccessible to us: we have to be grey, easy to measure, predict, control, and dependent on its plastic flowers and emotions. 


I believe that true ecology can only come from the discovery and care of soul's garden.

I photograph soul's garden.


Paola Iacopetti’s photographs arise from her wish to overcome the boundary between tangible reality and imagination, senses and emotions, matter and spirit: they address observer’s unconscious mind by creating synesthesia and suggestions.

Paola Iacopetti points her lens (often a macro) to nature’s artworks, looking for shapes and color nuances that vibrate along with her inner world. Every photographic project is a journey in a different corner of what she calls the Soul's Garden.

From 2017 she has realized some personal exibitions and participated to a number of collective exhibitions in Pietrasanta, Lucca and Pisa.

She collaborates with other visual artists, both by shooting their artworks, and as a curator. In 2019 she curated the personal exhibition “Naturografie. Un racconto d’acqua e di terra” by Roberto Ghezzi at the Museum of Natural History of the University of Pisa. In 2020 she curated the personal exhibition “Ὠκεανός (Ōkeanós)” by Lorenzo Malfatti, at Barbara Paci Art Gallery in Pietrasanta (LU), and wrote the critical text for the catalog.

  • Art exhib together with Renata Otfinowska - OpenPi Lab. Pisa (PI) - 6 DECEMBER 2019 - 7 JANUARY 2020

  • "Luna" - within "Circuito OFF" - Osteria San Giorgio, Lucca (LU) - 16 NOVEMBER - 5 DECEMBER 2019

  • "Profumo di Luna" - "Un fotografo al mese" exhib series - FPS foto e video, Pietrasanta (LU) - 

  • 5 OCTOBER - 11 NOVEMBER 2019 (Personal exhib)

  • "Luna" - A-mare Restaurant, Viareggio (LU) - 5 JULY - 30 SEPTEMBER 2019 (Personal exhib)

  • Fotonaturalist '19 - La Brilla Centro Teatrale, Massaciuccoli (LU) - 20 APRIL - 1 MAY 2019

  • Arte in Villa - XXX Exhibition Antiche Camelie della Lucchesia - S. Andrea di Compito (LU) - 16 MARCH - 7 APRIL 2019

  • "Luna" - Blubook, Pisa - 24 JANUARY - 17 FEBRUARY 2019 (Personal exhib)

  • "NavigArte Image" - Arsenale CIneclub, Pisa - 31 OCTOBER - 9 DECEMBER 2018 (Personal exhib)

  • "Nel Giardino dei Fiori Danzanti" - Eliopoli Summer Festival, Calambrone, Pisa - 11/20 JULY 2018 (Personal exhib)

  • Bianco & Nero - Scarperia (FI) - 30 JUNE 2018

  • "Nel Giardino dei Fiori Danzanti" - Arsenale Cineclub, Pisa - 24 MAY  - 14 JUNE 2018 (Personal exhib)

  • Nel Giardino dei Fiori Danzanti - Ars Cafè & Bistrot, Pisa -  5/31 MAY  2018 (Personal exhib)

  • Fotonaturalist '18 - La Brilla Centro Teatrale, Massaciuccoli (LU) - 25 APRIL - 6 MAY 2018

  • Obiettivo Fenice - La Brilla Centro Teatrale, Massaciuccoli (LU) - 5-21 JANUARY 2018

  • Incontri - Photo exhib of me and Carlo Lari - Studio 11, Pietrasanta - 

  • DECEMBER 17 - 2017 - JANUARY 6 - 2018

  • JUNE 24 - 2017 Impronte -  Scarperia, Firenze - 

  • JULY 1-31, 2017 I fiori di Luglio - Livin'Art Gallery, Lucca -